Withshyan Peel Off Nail Curator

It just occurred to me that I haven’t done my nails for months! In the horrible humid weather, the prospect of dealing with chipped polish was off-putting. But now that it’s supposed to get a little bit cooler, colorful “talons” are on my mind once more. Withshyan Peel Off Nail Curator (P260) from Althea Korea is going to be helping me achieve those NOTD goals.

With Shyan Peel Off

Quick Specs: 15 ml / 0.5 fl oz ; made in Korea

The container is the standard clear glass polish bottle with a rough-textured plastic brush handle for easier grip. I like that the brush is sufficiently wide be able to apply on the sides of the nails with precision.

Basically, what you get is kind of like school glue but with a thicker, slightly more rubbery consistency that spreads easily on the sides of the nail. Just like glue, it starts out white but later dries clear. Once polish has been applied and dried, tug at the edges of the peel-off formula to take away the excess.

Left: While the formula is wet; Right: Dries clear, pictured here with some still-wet spots in white

Nail polish with unsightly mistakes

Lifting edges with cuticle pusher or the tip of a sharp nail file

Peel off

Finished Product; Orly nail polish in Paradise Cove

There are several ways to use this product as it is demonstrated on the Althea Korea page. The first to easily strip off minor mistakes in small areas, just like I did. Second, it can help create even lines for those who like nail art. (e.g. a well-shaped line or curve for french tips). Third, it can be used to coat larger areas of the fingers to make for easy cleanup while doing marble nail art.

Now, here’s a huge caveat: This product has a very strong chemical smell. It’s not the usual nail polish remover or nail polish odor. We’re talking strong hair dye fumes, the type that you have to suffer 30 minutes through as you wait for the hair color to stick. Work fast in a well-ventilated area and/or put on a surgical mask to avoid the odor.

Verdict: When you think about it, you are spending P260 to get the same results that a cotton swab dipped in polish remover can achieve. However, it is undoubtedly more convenient and easier to just peel all the excess off than it is to painstakingly rub the swab (and possibly accidentally mess up your nail lacquer in the process). It is a great option for those who have shaky (pasmado) hands or to for those who are just generally clumsy with nail polish brushes. If you can manage to shield your nose from the smell, then you’re good to go.


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