MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation

After years of trials and errors in the quest to find my perfect foundation shade match, I found myself equipped once more with enough confidence to broaden my horizons by trying out a different brand. What better than to turn to an industry standard? Hello, MAC Studio Waterweight SPF30 Foundation in NC20 (PHP 2,200 / USD 36).

Quick Specs: 30 ml / 1.0 fl oz ; made in Belgium

Active Ingredients

Inactive Ingredients

I knew what I was getting into when I purchased a foundation with a dropper instead of a pump. *sigh* As can be expected, it is quite messy. The somewhat runny formula keeps getting all over the mouth of the bottle, even when I aim straight for the middle when re-capping. Even when I try to twist the cap shut as tightly as I can. Of course, I do understand that it could be more convenient for those pro-level folks who prefer to custom mix their shades per use. But for on-the-go users, it isn’t the most practical.

As mentioned earlier, the consistency is a little runny, but in a way that works with a dropper applicator. (Thankfully, it’s not the type that just drips onto the floor!) Blending with my fingers is easy, and I get sheer to light-medium coverage in 2-3 passes. Redness is managed, but not dark spots and blemishes. The finish is a satin that leans slightly towards dewy, and wear is light and comfortable without any stickiness.

After 2 layers of foundation

NC20, a medium beige, was initially too dark for me at the time of purchase. I was only able to test NC15 in-store, but it felt a little on the light side. NC20 was the next logical option, and it was admittedly a blind buy. I have since realized that NC20 is passable as my summer shade, and I actually fall somewhere between NC15 and NC20. (Note that the MAC’s NC foundations definitely register more beige on me than my actual yellow undertone.) I didn’t notice a white cast from the SPF 30, but perhaps the darker shade kinda helped offset that. Wear time is 4-5 hours before my nose and chin are fully exposed.

Verdict: I’m more than halfway through this bottle, so I can work with the formula and color just fine. However, I am still on the lookout for shades that are more yellow-toned. And so this isn’t replacing my Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation just yet. Though I can see how the NC shades are well-suited to beige-toned, Pinay skin.


2 thoughts on “MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation

  1. […] MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation – As far as lightweight foundations go, I have to say that Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation still takes the cake. Personally, I have a better shade match for my yellow undertone. And I also found that the formula of BB ages better. Towards the end of the MAC foundie bottle, the sunscreen kept pilling upon application and the whole thing developed a white cast. And, of course, the BB pump bottle is easier to use than MAC’s included dropper. […]

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