Avon Imari Rouge

It’s no secret that Avon fragrances are diverse. I know this for a fact because I’ve owned several of them (or their skin softener counterpart) in my earlier years. My journey started with the youthful Yessamin in my teens. When I started working, I got me some comforting Far Away Bella (that I still remember fondly to this day). So it’s a full circle moment to receive a bottle of Imari Rouge (PHP 599 / 50 ml) from Avon, which actually feels a lot like an adulting milestone.

Avon Imari Rouge

Packaging: I’m a 90’s kid, so I remember that era of Imari packaging well. Flat-faced, and curved at the edges, somewhere between oval and rectangle… Well, I’m living for this updated look! The cut-cornered edges feel like an homage to the OG visuals, while the geometric body of the bottle modernizes it. TLDR: It brings to mind an emerald cut diamond, and that always looks classy! The cloudy plastic cap would probably be fancier if it was completely opaque, but I don’t particularly mind.

Previous Imari packaging; photo via Fragrantica

Scent: According to the Avon catalogue, Imari Rouge is an Eau de Toilette. Fragrantica describes the main accords as Patchouli (base note), Woody, and Iris (middle note), with a Red Apple top note. To me, it starts off juicy and sweet when freshly sprayed. (Hello, freshly cut red apple!) But mid-inhale, it rapidly takes on a a more sugary quality, like caramel, that then quickly transitions into a familiar and comforting powdery floral. Hours later at the drydown stage, the powdery floral that remains reminds me of the musky-sweet quality of Velvet Imari.

Experience: This fragrance is not a shy one. Avon Imari Rouge is outspoken and has a confident presence. The Sillage is decidedly on the strong side. But its powdery finish mellows it down into something more mature and womanly.

Longevity: My skin metabolizes most scents like crazy, so the 4 hours where this fragrance has optimal presence is already a win in my book. By the 6th hour mark, it stays close to the skin and is in full-on drydown mode. On clothes, it lasts the whole day.


Verdict: This is the type of scent to wear on a night out as it has a similar aura as Marc Jacobs Decadence. Meaning, it has that sensuality to it that speaks of confidence and maturity. But, y’know, with that twinkle in its eye…


*I received this bottle of Imari Rouge free of charge from Avon for review purposes. I was not paid or otherwise compensated for this post. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.*

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