Cooking With Paris is… a lot

So… I finished Cooking With Paris sometime last week. I didn’t watch it immediately upon release, because I had to get into a specific mood: Not looking for anything serious, feeling a little nostalgic, and reaching the point of sabaw (Tagalog for soup; describing that state of mind where the brain feels exhausted enough to resemble sludge or soup). And you know what? I didn’t hate it.

Cooking With Paris; image from Netflix

I’ve seen the reviews. It’s polarizing. But I was personally going through puberty during the height of The Simple Life’s popularity and the proper rise of celeb-centric reality shows. (I was obsessed with Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica!) So I was able to find the humor in this out-of-touch rich girl attempting “commoner” chores. And if you got on that bandwagon before, you’d know that Paris is the OG reality star. (Kardashian who?)

The Good:
I find it amusing that she owns it. Paris Hilton is at that elusive level of wealthy and confident where she darn well knows that she’s the trendsetter. Whereas other celebrities have no shortage of wealth, there is that pressure to conform tightly to a squeaky clean, relatable image so as not to alienate their audience. But Paris has always been cheeky, and she leans into that to comedic effect.

The Bad:
As someone who went to culinary school, her techniques are extra cringe-y. The worst offenses for me are cooking with a crystal-studded spatula and using metal turners on non-stick cookware. I mean, with the possibility of Swarovski crystals falling into the pan and all that dumping in of edible glitter, do they (cast and crew alike) actually eat the rest of the food after the taste test? The rest? Well, it looks like any other completely inexperienced person stumbling through the kitchen.


Verdict: The reality is that Paris, like Filipino royalty, Kris Aquino, knows how to straddle that line between being obnoxiously out of touch and refreshingly frank as an elite level of the unencumbered rich can. And you gotta admit, the catchphrases are just a little infectious.

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