United Village Breadhouse Spread

I’ll keep this short and sweet. My weakness is all sorts of cheese, cream cheese included. Yesterday, I passed by SM Supermarket, Megamall (the one in Building A), and saw a bazaar-type display of spreads/dips by United Village Breadhouse. The salesman whipped out crostinis and asked me to try the pimiento cheese spread that turned out to be ick (at least, for me), so I went for the Cream Cheese w/ Garlic and Spinach (PHP 120; but there’s also a smaller container for only PHP45) instead.

Cream Cheese Spread

I like a strong garlic taste. Perhaps it’s one of the Filipino traits I’ve grown to inherit. It’s the perfect zing of flavor that awakens the tastebuds. On that front, this product delivers. There’s also the right proportion of spinach. I prefer a good amount of herbs that I can actually taste, as opposed to just a sprinkling for decoration’s sake.

Breakfast de Jour!

Of all the spreads I’ve tried, this most reminded me of Pancake House’s whipped butter because of the airy light texture and the way it melts right onto a slice of toast. In fact, the whipped butter is primarily the reason why I go to Pancake House. I miss it more than I miss their pancakes.

This spread will go great with toasted bread, crostinis, or plain chips (dip!). Look for it at your local grocery or the SM grocery bazaars. 🙂



Roti Prata Mirienda

There are days when I seriously miss Malaysian food. Once upon a time, there was this small Roti Prata restaurant in the Rustan’s grocery part of Shangri-La Plaza. They served up two pratas with fried egg and a curry dip for around PHP 75. It even tasted 100% authentic. Unfortunately, the resto closed down permanently when a fire that started from the supermarket required the mall to undergo lots of renovations. I was heartbroken.

It’s a good thing the groceries here have such a wide range of products that it’s totally possible to whip up an international meal right at home. My latest find has been the frozen Prata from Robinson’s Supermarket. It’s less than PHP 100 for 4 sheets (if I remember correctly) and you can choose from original or spring onion flavors.

Spring onion Roti Prata with homemade curry dip

Personally, my absolute favorite Malaysian snack is the roti telur, which is prata with an egg folded into the dough right before frying. The addition of the egg just completes the meal and makes it much more satisfying. But since I don’t quite have the skills to properly fold the egg in without making a mess, I stuck to frying each item separately instead.

As for the curry dip, well, that’s my biggest work-in-progress. I haven’t managed to make it taste like the ones in the restaurants as I’m using a random mix of supermarket curry pastes. I combined red curry paste with masala curry paste, and it ended up really spicy but not quite what I had envisioned.

My next move is to improve my curry dip, so I’ll definitely be picking up a pack of frozen pratas quite soon. Wish me luck!

Chocolate Milk Made Easy

Being a member of productive society requires me to be up early in the mornings and struggle my way through the rest of the day, energy-wise. I try not to take coffee, as it seems to have the worst effect on my ulcer. So I survive on flavored milk drinks and the occasional glass of juice to get me up and about. –Mind you, I know it’s an awful habit to rely on sugar to keep me active, and I stay away from energy drinks at all costs.

The obvious (practical?) chocolate milk option would be Milo or Ovaltine, but I have had a bad experience with Milo. I prefer cold drinks and I use milk to dilute instead of water. The trouble is that Milo does not seem to dissolve in cold anything very well. All you get are globs of powder floating around pathetically in the cold water/milk.

I was terribly happy to discover Belle France Chocolate Milk Powder in Shopwise. Originally, it was Nesquik that I wanted to buy, but S&R sold it in such a big container at around P400+. Too much of a commitment for me. And it was still expensive in SM and Shopwise.

I actually thought it was Nesquik at first glance.

The sunny yellow packaging is similar in color to Nesquik’s but comes in 450g for around P140. 3 tablespoons of the powder goes into a glass of cold milk, then stirred for 10 seconds and you have yourself some cooperative chocolate milk. I love it! Mind you, it’s not the kind of chocolate milk where you get a the effect of smooth light brown liquid (like if you had used Hershey’s chocolate syrup to do the job). The milk is pigmented with some flecks of the choco powder, but isn’t globby and goes down smooth as a powder mixture gets.

When I’m in a big hurry, I pour some milk down a reusable water container and shake it up with some of the Belle France powder. That’s breakfast for a stressed-out culinary student. :p