Seeing RED: Taylor Swift and a Different Sort of Heartache

Perhaps a disclaimer is in order: As with the K-pop fandom, I don’t think I’ve earned the right to call myself a bona fide fan of Taylor Swift’s (a.k.a. a Swiftie). But I have been following her career and have appreciated her music since she still had a predominantly country sound, so I’m properly aware of her evolution.


With the re-release of RED (Taylor’s version) and all the hullabaloo over the extended version of All Too Well, I have to admit that I got swept up in it as well. I have been listening to/watching the 10-minute song daily since it came out. So much so that my day feels incomplete without it. *shrugs* And I know exactly why: As someone who tends to place emphasis on lyrics over beats, I was blown away by how completely she was able to paint a picture of the relationship—from sweet start to tragic finish—and in such a heart-rending fashion to boot!

Photo by Beth Garrabrant via Rolling Stone

I know the focus is naturally on guessing/”confirming” who the song is about. Think blind item with the most telling clues that would give Blind Gossip a run for its money. But the thing is… it wasn’t the outrage of WHO it could be about that had me pondering. It’s the way the lyrics hit you when you’ve stepped back and looked at it as an impartial listener, as opposed to being on Team Taylor.

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A Custom Pendant Story

I know plenty of us like acquiring new accessories, because who doesn’t like shiny, new baubles? But it’s always extra memorable when the piece has a story behind it. I recently got one that I wanted to share, because it was unexpected but turned out wonderful. And it all started with a raffle…

Raffle prizes; image from Instagram account

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Cooking With Paris is… a lot

So… I finished Cooking With Paris sometime last week. I didn’t watch it immediately upon release, because I had to get into a specific mood: Not looking for anything serious, feeling a little nostalgic, and reaching the point of sabaw (Tagalog for soup; describing that state of mind where the brain feels exhausted enough to resemble sludge or soup). And you know what? I didn’t hate it.

Cooking With Paris; image from Netflix

I’ve seen the reviews. It’s polarizing. But I was personally going through puberty during the height of The Simple Life’s popularity and the proper rise of celeb-centric reality shows. (I was obsessed with Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica!) So I was able to find the humor in this out-of-touch rich girl attempting “commoner” chores. And if you got on that bandwagon before, you’d know that Paris is the OG reality star. (Kardashian who?)

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5 High Stakes Korean Series to Binge Watch

While a lot of my friends have fully gone with the flow of the Korean wave, I find myself still just on the outskirts. The main deterrent for me is that most of the Kdramas on Netflix aren’t English-dubbed. I’ll usually have shows on in the background, so that I can work or do chores at the same time. And reading the English subtitles is more of a full-attention activity that I often don’t bother committing to.

Buuuuuut there are some exceptions to the rule! These are 5 series so intense or suspenseful, that they definitely got my full attention all the way to the end. BTW, this list is in no particular order.

Sweet Home and Extracurricular; photos from Wikipedia and IMDB

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Foodpanda Problems

Since the pandemic began, I have not dined-in at any restaurant due to safety concerns. Food pick-up and delivery apps have, therefore, been a huge help in giving some semblance of “old normalcy” to my family’s dining routine. But it isn’t without its fair share of problems. I have experienced some issues with Foodpanda’s merchants and their customer service policies:

Chat autoresponse, receipt, siopao buns

  1. Kowloon House, Matalino St. branch  – Issue: Missing order, bill amount paid in full

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