First Half of 2014 Favorites

I’m trying to put a cap on my spending because I’m always talking about how I’ve gone overboard yet again with my purchases, so I can’t exactly have monthly favorites. Biannually, on the other hand, I’ll take with gusto. These are what got me through this year’s scorching summer and pre-stormy weather:

My Current Favorites

1. Burt’s Bee’s Tinted Lip Balm – This doesn’t leave my makeup bag because it’s so utterly handy. It’s good for lazy days when I need a no-makeup makeup look, and I just plain love the color payoff and the moisture this gives.

2. Philosophy Amazing Grace Spray Fragrance – Still can’t get over that blessed scent. It’s been less than a month, but I’m using my bottle up faster than the speed of light.

3. Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser for Face and Eyes – Like I said in my review, this is a one-step cleansing BFF as long as you don’t have any waterproof mascara on. My dual-phase makeup remover is still attached to my hip, but I marvel at how this eliminates the rest of my makeup so easily. You gotta give it credit.

4. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation – Whenever I use this, I look like I just came back from a beach vacation. That’s because the shade is darker than my natural skin tone. I mix it with another foundation to balance the color out. The lightweight factor is what I treasure.

5. Celeteque Brightening Eye Tuck and Dark Circles Lightener – I still have this because I have two other eye creams in rotation. This is still my favorite one for its winning texture.

6. Zero Kuma Concealer – The more I use it, the more I realize I can’t live without it. My two biggest face issues are redness and dark circles. This takes care of the latter in a heartbeat.

Celeteque Maternity Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

As a person whose weight admittedly yoyos faster than Formula Rossa, it’s natural I took an immediate interest to Celeteque Maternity Anti Stretch Mark Cream (PHP 445 for 100ml). Mine came from Sample Room. It may seem foolish to hope that stretch marks may still fade, but call me a hopeless romantic.

Quick Specs: 100ml; manufactured in Thailand; hypo-allergenic; dermatologist tested; OB-Gynecologist-certified safe for pregnant women; according to the directions, it can be used on the abdomen, thighs, and breasts; best to start using this at the onset of pregnancy; can be used to minimize appearance of existing stretch marks



  • No icky scent. If I sniff closely, I think I can get a whiff of something minty.
  • No sticky feel. Someone used to shea body butter will find this surprisingly light, though the cream looks puffy right out of the tube.
  • The consistency of the cream and the tube-type packaging go together, so no worries about any messes.


  • If you’re really trying to prevent stretch marks, then you’d want to be liberal with your application. That said, 100 ml is sure to run out quick for those who slather this all over.

A drop of the cream

Verdict: Did it work? For existing stretch marks, not so much. Like I said, I came in with no huge expectations, and I was right not to. Prevention is still better than cure, so if you’re pregnant, in that awkward teenage growth spurt phase, or going through sudden weight-gain, it’s probably worth a try since you at least know that you exercised the necessary precautions.

Celeteque Brightening Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener

I always have to have eye cream in my routine. I already moisturize my face, apply lip balm to my lips, condition to my hair, and put lotion on the rest of my skin, so it’s quite logical to keep my eye area happy and moist. My current love is Celeteque Brightening Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener (PHP 299) that I got from my equally beloved Sample Room some months back. It was meant to be tested by my mom, but she’d often forget to include it to her daily routine. What a waste of a perfectly good eye cream! Lucky for me though…

Quick Specs: 15ml; dermatologist AND ophthalmologist tested, non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free, paraben-free, and mineral oil-free




  • The texture/consistency is the best! It’s neither too sticky nor too runny, and it glides on oh-so-smoothly. Yes, Celeteque BB Cream has an awesome texture, and this is the eye equivalent.
  • Dries matte and feels like second skin, so it’s okay to use alone or under makeup.
  • I’d gladly shell out the PHP 299 again because the price is so affordable.
  • There’s a slight instant brightening effect. With eye creams, it’s hard to be comprehensive with long-term effects because there are just too many factors for dark circles. Oftentimes, the basis for a good eye cream is the texture, and this one is a winner!


  • I can’t think of any!

My Rating: 5/5 If you’re looking for a drugstore eye cream, please don’t miss this one.

Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Ultra-Hydrating Cleansing Oil

Is it me, or are there a lot of dashes in that title? Hehe. But on to the product-of-the-day that came along with my package of Sample Room goodies: Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Ultra-Hydrating Cleansing Oil with Dual Vitamin Regenerating Complex (PHP 199/50ml; PHP 369/100ml).

Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Cyclopentasiloxane, Tocopheryl Acetate, Farnesol, Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Retinyl palmitate, Linalool


  • A few drops go a long way. No need to drench the cotton ball/pad to get enough product for sufficient makeup removal.
  • Removes waterproof and long-wearing makeup. I tried it on waterproof mascara and Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow, and just one or two swipes got them all.
  • After washing my face with a sudsy facial cleanser, my skin didn’t feel “stripped” of moisture. Love that!


  • If you’re used to emulsion- or micellar-type makeup removers that have wet/soak-y feeling on the face, this’ll take some getting used too. Ditto for cold cream users. This feels more like baby oil.
  • Because you don’t soak the cotton with it, you may experience a little pulling of the skin as you swipe.
  • There are some cleansing oils that manage to mix with water (e.g. Shu Uemura, Biore, etc.), so you can skip the cotton and just rinse off most of it with water. (The water turns milky-white once the oil mixes with it.) That is not the case with Celeteque. The oil simply clings to the face for dear life. Use cotton pads to avoid applying too much.

My Rating: 4.5/5 Great value for money because you can use this for a long time. The sensation is not much of a big deal if you’re used to utilizing mineral oil for makeup removal. One-swipe-gets-all makes it super effective.