Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer

This might sound blasphemous to some, but I don’t have the best of relationships with matte liquid lipstick. I neither like the dry feeling, nor do I appreciate how most of them will go crumbly and re-apply unevenly after meals. In short, comfort is a major factor in lip color, so I’ll only start using a liquid lipstick that feels right even if it isn’t necessarily a flat matte. A perfect example is Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer in Black Licorice Pop (PHP 1,100 ; USD 18.50).


Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour and Primer

Quick Specs: 6 ml / 0.2 fl oz; made in Italy

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Election Day FOTD

The Philippine election season has heated up in more ways than one! It has been said that the 2016 election has been the most intense in the modern history of the country. So much drama, and it didn’t even end with the debates and the voting. (In case you’re unaware, there was a Twitter hashtag that trended over the last 24 hours. It concerned the candidates and their family members. It may or may not involve controversial NSFW fictional stuff. Oh my.)

But anyway, the mood struck me to do a full face on voting day. Never mind that it was stifling hot and the line was expected to be at least an hour long! lol

Find out what products I used…

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Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

Is it on your beauty bucket list to go out and try all the cult favorites? It’s on mine, because I found so many keepers that way. When I finally got my hands on longtime favorite, Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, I was thrilled that it came as part of a 4-piece set that also included a nail polish, an eyeliner, and a lip gloss, all in the same classic burgundy shade. (BTW, the set is called Clinique Black Honey Beauty Gift Set, though I think it was a limited edition release that is no longer being sold.)

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

Clinique Black Honey Beauty Gift Set

Quick Specs: 1.9 g / 0.06 oz ; made in USA

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September-October Empties

At this point, it’s kind of obvious that I like to have multiple products open at the same time. As a result, I suddenly amass a fair amount of empties in one go. It’s mostly skincare products again today with the occasional perfume and makeup thrown in. Click the names of the products to view the full review:

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FOTD: Starting With Smokies

I’ve consciously decided that fall 2015 would be about smokey eyes and wine-colored lips. Not together, of course, as I’m not that gutsy. But I didn’t have to search far and wide (and spend a lot) to complete my makeup “uniform” for the chillier months. The makeup “body count” so far has only been one eye shadow, two drugstore lipsticks, and a couple of things I picked up from a blog sale. But then the holiday collections are starting to come out, and that will take a gargantuan amount of restraint. Guh.

Before I attempt to turn a blind eye to all the fall goodness, let me share an FOTD with me starting to step out with more semi-smokey eye looks before finally going all the way with the smolder. Here’s the look:

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