Catrice Cosmetics Healthy Look Matiffying Powder

I have a bunch of products I’ve saved specifically to use for summer. I guess I do end up changing my lineup per season, but it also serves the purpose of helping me rigorously try out items during the times that they are most needed. And to start off my summer lineup is Catrice Cosmetics Healthy Look Matiffying Powder in 010 Luminous Light (PHP 499)

Catrice Healthy Look Mattifying Powder

Quick Specs: 9 g / 0.31 oz ; made in Poland

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Miniso Cotton Pads Pink 180 Count

Just a quick post today about a great value buy! There was once a discussion among Project Vanity writers about where to score the best cotton pads, and the vote went to the ones being sold at foreign brand budget stores. (You probably know which ones I’m referring to.) I have become accustomed to getting my cotton pad fix from those stores, but the one I frequent hasn’t had them in stock for months now, and my supply was running dangerously low.

Luckily, my prayers were answered when I stumbled upon a throng of people shopping at a Miniso, and my curiosity led me to getting my hoard on, starting withg 180 pieces of Pink Cotton Pads (PHP 99; USD 2)!


Miniso 180-pc Cotton Pads

Quick Specs: made in China

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October 2016 Empties

Random Personal Update: I pledged 20 books on Good Reads, and I’ve still got 8 books to go before the end of the year. Still going through a lot of YA thrillers, because that’s often the way to get me to finish a book within 10 days. (Meaning, I elect to lose sleep to go through a page-turner.)

Also, re-watching the entire Harry Potter series in time for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It’s something of a personal tradition that started with every HP book release. Only then, I used to re-read the books. I don’t have the time to do that now, so the condensed 2-hour version should suffice. (BTW, have you guys seen the fanart of the HP-themed shadow palettes? Merlin’s beard, please let them become a reality!)

Buuut, going back to beauty, here are my latest empties. There’s quite a bit of them this time:

Clockwise from Top-Left: Nivea Extra White Firming Body Lotin, The Body Shop Shea Body Butter, Nivea Creme, Zenutrients Rich Cocoa Body Butter

Clockwise from Top-Left: Nivea Extra White Firming Body Lotion, The Body Shop Shea Body Butter, Nivea Creme, Zenutrients Rich Cocoa Body Butter

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November-December 2015 Empties

I was in a bit of a funk back in November, but my December is certainly picking up. In my family, we are in the midst of finalizing our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day plans. It’s hard not to get enthusiastic with the upcoming celebrations, especially when cake is involved.

As for other updates that don’t include holiday gluttony, I’ve got another list of empties for ya:

Clockwise from top: Light Power Essential Skin Refiner, Light Balancing Emulsion, Multi Cleanser, Water Bank Essence, and Water Bank Gel Cream

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