NOTD: Solique Gel Polish in Hush

I have never been one to get my nails professionally done as I am rather paranoid about the sterilization of tools that some salons are using. However, I went to this one event at a popular nail salon and was wowed by their mani-pedi service. I decided to return a few months later to a different branch to have my nails done for a formal event. Big mistake. My toe nails were over-scraped and eventually started tearing off at the edges.

After recovering from those nightmarish jagged toenails, I am now back and completely satisfied with doing my own mani-pedi work at the moment. So let’s discuss Solique Gel Nail Polish in Hush by Girlstuff (PHP 180).

Solique Hush

Solique Hush

Quick Specs: 11 ml ; made in France



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Girl Stuff Nail Lacquer in Mystique

Since I got Girl Stuff Nail Lacquer in Mystique (PHP 150), I’ve been wearing it non-stop. For that matter, I’ve been using nail polish from Girl Stuff exclusively this 2015. The price point and formula are a winning combination in my book, so it looks like my GS collection will not stop expanding anytime soon. Here’s the NOTD—or should I say Nails-of-the-Month:

Girl Stuff in Mystique : Two coats

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Girl Stuff Nail Lacquer in Plink

Keeping my nails colored hasn’t exactly been at the top of my priority list lately. Fingernails and knitting needles tend to crash into each other every so often, and the nail polish chips off faster than usual. But what the heck? It’s a weekend, and I was feeling like it. YOLO. Tag, you’re it, Girl Stuff Nail Lacquer in Plink (PHP 100).

Plink is a high-gloss, cheery light pink that brings to mind the most girly shades of pink. It’s a little bit of the 80’s (yes, the decade), carnation pink Crayola, Barbie, and bubblegum contained in a small bottle. Quality is more or less the same as the other two colors of Girl Stuff that I’ve reviewed previously, Audrey and Marilyn, with the exception of this significantly lighter color being more streak-prone. It took me three coats, instead of the usual two, to get a completely opaque result.

How did it fare during the sleep test? Since I’m a “rightie”, the color on my left hand maintained its gloss with very minimal scratches. My right hand, however, got pressed up against the bedding at some point during the night. The thumb, middle finger, and ring finger ended up looking near-matte from the small scratches. I don’t blame the formula, though. It’s a matter of working on my dexterity, I suppose.

That’s it for now! I’m looking to finish my knitting project over the weekend.

For more info on Girlstuff or Girl Stuff (or however else it’s stylized), click HERE.

Girl Stuff Nail Lacquer in Audrey

As part of a two-piece pre-Christmas purchase, I’m showing you my nail polish pick for Spring 2015, Girl Stuff Nail Lacquer in Audrey (PHP 100).

GirlStuff Nail Polish in Audrey

I already reviewed another Girl Stuff Nail Lacquer, Marilyn, and you can read about the general quality of Girl Stuff nail polish HERE.

This mauve shade, tempered by taupe, isn’t particularly bright or festive for spring, but I find such a color highly wearable all year round. This is a fashionista polish for those who don’t want to seem stand-offish. It adds a dose of color, but still looks subdued enough to be worn in a corporate setting.

*Quick Note on Nail Caviar: This was fun to try, but I don’t think I’ll be doing it again. The beads started falling off the next day, and I couldn’t help but wonder where it goes. Not good if you have pets in the house… By the way, I didn’t get the caviar from Girl Stuff.

For more information on Girl Stuff, please visit their Facebook page. 🙂