April 2018 Empties

Since I rang in 2018, I’ve been spending more time shopping the beauty stash than shopping for new things. It has a lot to do with a hall closet that turned into a beauty vault during the time of the Great Hoard of 2015-2016. With that said, I’ve been quietly using up what I’ve amassed (for both the full-sized and sample-sized product categories), so expect there to be more empties posts this year.

For the first quarter, here’s the meager spread I’ve started with:

Biore, Bobbi Brown, and Estee Lauder

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Welcos Banana Milk Hand Cream

It’s becoming apparent that I prefer hand lotions that smell like food more than ones that smell like flowers. While on summer vacation in Hong Kong, I got a 3-pack of Welcos Banana Milk Hand Cream, because the generic hand washes we’ve been using at home are giving me a case of the peeling palms. Let’s see how it fares, shall we?

Welcos Banana Milk Hand Cream Special Set

Quick Specs: 60 g x 3 ; made in Korea


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Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk

I’ve held off on adorable packaging long enough. Perhaps I’ve had theoretical beauty blinders on for so long that I was able to go years without giving much thought to cutesy Korean products, or maybe I just prefer sleek stuff. It’s probably the latter, but I’ve finally given in this year, and the Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk I picked up from Charm & Charm (PHP 280 there) is too cute to miss.

Tony Moly Banana Hand Milk; Magic Food Banana

Quick Specs: 45 ml ; also available in 100 ml ; made in Korea


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Evas Vitamin Hand

Sometimes I have an existential crisis with regards to hand cream. When is it a hand cream and when is it a lotion (perhaps masquerading as a hand cream)? I’ve always assumed that hand creams were thicker/richer so that they could coat the skin on the hands better, but the hand lotions I’ve been using lately have noticeably been lightweight and/or non-greasy. So is it really just a name? That’s something to ponder.

Meanwhile, here’s another lightweight hand cream in the form of EVAS vitamin hand (PHP 139 at Watsons).

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