The Saem Iceland Skincare Collection

I think I’m starting to develop a preference for Kbeauty brand, The Saem. Back in circa 2012, it was my dad who unintentionally introduced me to it during a trip to Korea. Not usually a skincare person, he caught sight of the never-ending lineup of beauty stores and decided he wanted to try some anti-aging stuff. I saw their Gem Miracle line with shimmer pigments and pearly balls suspended in their toner and serum, respectively. This was a relatively new concept (at least, to me) at the time, and it blew my mind. Fast forward to 2016-2017, where the brand still doesn’t have a boutique in the Philippines, but they do have several items for sale inĀ Althea Korea.

Just like that day when I spotted the Gem Miracle line, I found myself amazed at the presentation of the The Saem Iceland skincare line. In fact, it has now become my summer skincare routine.

The Saem Iceland Skincare Collection

Quick Specs: made in Korea

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The Face Shop Miracle Finish Oil Control Water Cushion

Summertime! Time to bust out the cushion compacts in an attempt to make my makeup last longer. šŸ˜€ And because I want to look fresh and bright without going full-on dewy (pass on the greasy look in the middle of summer), a mattifying cushion compact felt like a safe investment to me. MeetĀ The Face Shop Miracle Finish Oil Control Water Cushion in V103 Pure Beige (PHP 1,095).

The Face Shop Miracle Finish Oil Control Cushion

Quick Specs: 15 g / 0.52oz ; made in Korea


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March 2017 Empties

I need to look at my stash once a month to see how many hoarded body and skin care products are still up for use. When I do, it reminds me to go on a temporary ban to finish up what’s left. Yup, it’s because I’m a sucker for sales. *shrugs* But before we get lost in hoarder issues, let’s have a look at what I actually did manage to finish:

Clockwise From Top: Bath and Body Works, Welcos, and l’Occitane

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Bling On: What’s Inside the Althea Glitter Box

Off the top of my head, there are two ways to make an FOTD more distinct: Color and shimmer/sparkle/glitter. The former is something that I’ve only just started to tap into this year, while the latter has been a longtime go-to that started way back when I was a teenager.

From experience, I can safely say that shimmer, sparkle, and glitter can be as subtle or as bold as you want it to be, depending on where they are positioned and how they are diffused. So you can imagine the fun I had when Althea Korea gave me the chance to experience glitter galore with their limited editionĀ Glitter Box (PHP 1,370).

Althea Glitter Box

Althea Glitter Box

Discover the contents with me!

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