New Blog Section and Nuxe Sampler Set

The tail-end of 2015 brought me some exciting turn of events. I’ll explain more later, but those changes are also spurring me into action. I’ve been thinking of adding a new type of entry to this blog since June of last year, and January 2016 has that inspiring ring to it. New year, new stuff, right? For this latest addition, I’ll start by setting up the context.

When you buy beauty products, you tend to amass samples. It started with a couple of Korean products here and there, but the Western brands are not be left behind. Add to that the generous gifting of family and friends, and you end up with a drawer of all sorts of samples that just sit there.

In trying to curb my spending for 2016, I’ve decided to use up everything in my stash, but not to let the experience go to waste. I’ll be trying samples and sharing my first impressions of these products, starting with a sampler set from the newly-launched Nuxe Philippines.

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