An Ode to Grace

I was looking through my toiletry supply closet when I stumbled upon an empty bottle of Philosophy Amazing Grace that I kept around for sentimental reasons. It made me realize that: a) I still have half a bottle of this somewhere in my stash; and b) I actually own several products from the Grace series.

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Five Fine Fragrances

I was digging through my fragrance collection, lamenting how they might just expire without getting used up. There are no events or get-togethers in the foreseeable future, and I rarely venture outside the home these days. I have treated my perfumes and EDTs as “for special occasion use only”, but I’m gonna have to change that to avoid wastage. Perhaps every day is now a special occasion?

Here are five of my favorite fragrances that I’m about to start using more often:

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Philosophy Microdelivery Peel

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day. I did not get to ask sooner, but I was kind of feeling all over the place. To answer my own question, I haven’t actually celebrated yet with my significant other. I was sick in the latter part of last week, so I was confined to bed. M, on the other hand, had to work that day, so we thought it best to postpone until we could celebrate without the chaos on Valentine’s Day itself. I actually ended up catching this hilarious Filipino movie called, Love is Blind, with my parents. I guess they were my Valentines as I was recovering from a sore throat and a fever.

Speaking of being sick, don’t you just hate feeling super gross when you’re not at 100%? I couldn’t wash my hair and my skin was sallow and bumpy. Definitely the first thing I enjoyed once I felt better was a nice, long bath. I also included an at-home peel session using Philosophy The Microdelivery Peel to get my skin back to normal mode.

a.k.a. Resurface: The Microdelivery Dual-Phase Peel

Quick Specs: 60 ml / 2 fl oz each ; made in the USA

The two-step Microdelivery Peel is actually one of Philosophy’s most expensive products, so it is something to carefully think about before purchasing. If you’re contemplating it, do read this review to gain more insight before taking the plunge.

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