Erth Origins Age-Defense Soap

Research seems to be the best excuse way to get new things! I was looking for coconut-enriched products at Watsons for this article I was writing for Project Vanity, and I came across Erth Origins Age-Defense SoapĀ (PHP 99) in a sea of whitening soaps. It called out to me. šŸ™‚

Erth Origins Age-Defense Soap

Quick Specs: 90 g x 2 ;Ā paraben-free

Erth Origins Ingredients

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Sale Buy: Naturally European Luxury Soap

I was on the fence whether or not to publish a review for Naturally European Luxury SoapĀ (aka The Somerset Toiletry Co. Naturally European Soap Bar). On one hand, I’ve already started talking about the importance of soap reviews. On the other hand, the particular “edition” of this soap already has limited stocks at Beauty Bar’s sale aisle due to repackaging. But then again, it is a good bath soap (old or new packaging) that deserves a shout-out.

Naturally European Soap

Quick Specs:Ā 230 g / 8 oz ; made in Portugal


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Zenutrients Sweet Vanilla, Milk & Melon Body & Hand Wash

Wondering aloud: Why don’t I see enough reviews on beauty blogs about soap? They might not be as hyped up as makeup, but they certainly don’t lack in importance. This is something we use daily, or maybe more than once per day. And especially because I have dry skin and suffer from dry patches several times a year, I have become more discerning with the soap I use. Here’s what I think of Zenutrients Sweet Vanilla, Milk and Melon Body and Hand Wash (estimated PHP 234).

Zenutrients Body and Hand Wash

Quick Specs: 200 ml ; made in the Philippines


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The Body Shop Bar Soaps

I suppose I’ve come a long way with my bath products. When I was in elementary, my idea of a luxurious bath was to treat myself to the sweet-smelling Safe Guard Fruity instead of the usual anti-bacterial soap my mom would purchase. It evolved to The Body Shop’s body washes, when friends started gifting those every Christmas. (Love ’em, and I still repurchase when there’s a sale!) But now I’ve decided to luxuriate with The Body Shop Olive Soap and Shea SoapĀ (Regular Price is around PHP 195 each; got them on sale at buy-1-take-1)

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Avon Simply Delicate Calming pH Balanced Feminine Wash

I’ve studied enough cycles of Avon brochures to know to be patient and wait for a sale before pouncing. As a result, I ended up with a huge bottle of Avon Simply Delicate pH Balanced Feminine Wash inĀ Calming. I don’t think I could write paragraphs upon paragraphs about feminine intimate care, so I’ll make the review as quick and painless as possible.

Avon Simply Delicate Feminine Wash

Quick Specs: 400 ml at SRP PHP 349 (smaller bottle available) ; made in the Philippines

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