The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash

How was your weekend? Mine was certainly better than the last. I spent last week recovering from an ulcer that decided to act up, and I was only too glad to be feeling well enough to catch a movie on Sunday. The flick du jour was Now You See Me 2. And while I still think the first one kicked the sequel’s bum, I’m still looking forward to Now You See Me 3. (I read that it’s already being planned!)

But back to beauty products… I love my current face wash to bits, but it’s about to run out. I’ve started using The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Face Wash (PHP 550), and it has been good to my skin.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash

Quick Specs: 3.3 US fl oz; 100 ml made in UK


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January 2016 Empties

My weekend is looking to be mellower than expected. I was supposed to meet a bunch of friends for a long-overdue reunion, but half the group suddenly had to postpone (again) due to sudden commitments. I think this is the third postponement? Aaaah, the sad part of being adults. We’re lucky if we’re all under the same roof twice a year. So now I’m staying productive and entertained by getting a lot of writing done while binge-watching The Good Wife. I’m currently on season 2, by the way.

One of today’s writing activities is this blog entry on post-holiday product empties. Click on the product names to read their full reviews.

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September-October Empties

At this point, it’s kind of obvious that I like to have multiple products open at the same time. As a result, I suddenly amass a fair amount of empties in one go. It’s mostly skincare products again today with the occasional perfume and makeup thrown in. Click the names of the products to view the full review:

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The Body Shop Bar Soaps

I suppose I’ve come a long way with my bath products. When I was in elementary, my idea of a luxurious bath was to treat myself to the sweet-smelling Safe Guard Fruity instead of the usual anti-bacterial soap my mom would purchase. It evolved to The Body Shop’s body washes, when friends started gifting those every Christmas. (Love ’em, and I still repurchase when there’s a sale!) But now I’ve decided to luxuriate with The Body Shop Olive Soap and Shea Soap (Regular Price is around PHP 195 each; got them on sale at buy-1-take-1)

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The Body Shop Shea Body Butter

I’m not a big fan of whitening products, and I’m not afraid to say it. Not that I have anything against lightening, but so seldom do they actually work visibly! To date, there are only two products I consider to possess lightening magic: Instant Glow Argan Oil and The Body Shop Shea Body Butter (PHP 675)

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter


Quick Specs: 200 ml / 6.75 oz / 192 g ; made in UK

Six Things About The Body Shop Shea Body Butter:

  1. I first tried this back in high school at the recommendation of my super kikay/beauty-junkie gay friend. Having heard my complaints about ashy elbows and ankles, she recommended this for the exact purpose and showed me her lightened elbows and ankles.
  2. You have to apply it religiously. Morning and night, if possible. Then supplement the routine with regular scrubbing.
  3. Out of all the body butter scents from The Body Shop, it’s Shea Butter and Olive Oil that smell the cleanest to me. The scent of this Shea Body Butter is slightly powdery. It’s so subtle that you could easily layer your usual fragrance over it without coming off as overpowering. Personally, I already associate the scent of Shea Body Butter with going to bed as I like to use this before bedtime.
  4. The consistency is different from most of the other TBS Body Butters. While the others are thick and creamy, Shea Body Butter has a more balm-like consistency. It comes away in thin layers on the fingers, so you’ll be using less and it will feel less sticky. That is, unless you like to coat yourself thickly.
  5. Leaves skin supple and lightens subtly and gradually. I’ve also been applying this to my other dry patches, and it seems to be working. *Note: This isn’t specifically a lightening product, but that seems to be the pleasant side effect on me. It’s still mainly for hydration.*
  6. Hoard when you can! It seems to me that that was exactly what happened during the post-holiday sale of The Body Shop. I went to four branches, and the Shea Butter and Olive Oil variants were out of stock.

Let me know… What’s your favorite body butter from The Body Shop? I might want to try another variant next time, and I’m dying to know what else is good. Is the oil spray better than the lotions and butters?