March 2017 Empties

I need to look at my stash once a month to see how many hoarded body and skin care products are still up for use. When I do, it reminds me to go on a temporary ban to finish up what’s left. Yup, it’s because I’m a sucker for sales. *shrugs* But before we get lost in hoarder issues, let’s have a look at what I actually did manage to finish:

Clockwise From Top: Bath and Body Works, Welcos, and l’Occitane

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Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk

I’ve held off on adorable packaging long enough. Perhaps I’ve had theoretical beauty blinders on for so long that I was able to go years without giving much thought to cutesy Korean products, or maybe I just prefer sleek stuff. It’s probably the latter, but I’ve finally given in this year, and the Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk I picked up from Charm & Charm (PHP 280 there) is too cute to miss.

Tony Moly Banana Hand Milk; Magic Food Banana

Quick Specs: 45 ml ; also available in 100 ml ; made in Korea


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Charm & Charm Philippines

Last week, M asked me to watch him play basketball in the Greenhills area. By that, he means that I should pretty please sit and wait for him to play, so that we could have a late dinner afterwards. People who know me know that these things aren’t the least bit interesting to me, mostly because I’m not a basketball person. I’ll watch championships, but league practices are kind of fneh, especially if you’re the only girl there. The saving grace of the whole thing was my discovery of a Korean beauty shop, Charm & Charm Korean Premium Cosmetics Store, in nearby Ash Creek Center.

Ash Creek isn’t necessarily the place where you’d expect to go hardcore shopping. It’s a low-rise commercial area that has several tutorial centers, a pharmacy, a few food stores, and a dermatologist. You’d have to make the effort of going there and parking in order to visit this beauty store. So is it worth the trip?

I didn’t have the easiest time finding the entrance to the Charm & Charm due to the separate staircases leading to different parts of the building. (Chalk it up to unusual design.) At first, I ended up on the staircase leading to the tutorial center area, but I headed back down and took the second staircase closer to the main road. Bingo.


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2015 Dry Skin Regimen

Is it just me, or has the weather been… funky? The Philippines, perpetually delayed as usual, seems to be enveloped in chilly, dry December winds that become particularly aggressive at night. Normally, I’d be jumping for joy, if only it didn’t wreak so much havoc on my skin.

On a good day, my combination skin can only be described as fickle. There are some days that call for primer, while other days require intense moisture. It’s been the latter for me since January, only intensify that to a hellish disaster. My T-zone has been greasing up like crazy, while my cheeks peel at the slightest “provocation” with matching breakout. I think the moisture barrier on my cheeks have been depleted to the point that it gets easily irritated, so I’ve had to do a 180 on my usual skincare. It’s taken the Korean route of layering, and I’d like to share what I’ve been surviving on lately:


Serum, Sleep Mask, and First Essence

I start with Tony Moly Intense Care Galactomyces First Essence 94.5%. Don’t get me started on what’s supposed to be the order of these products as it utterly confounds me. All I know is that this first essence (or toner?) leaves skin moist and slightly sticky in the summer, but gets absorbed quickly in dry weather. After a minute, I slather on Philosophy Keep The Peace serum, a mildly-scented mixture of oils that my skin just drinks up. I usually put 4-5 drops for the entire face, but now I do it by the dropper-ful. Then I finish up with this ancient tube of The Face Shop Marine Stem Cell Cell Revive Sleeping Mask I found in my drawer. I used to apply once a week, but now I’m going at a rate of twice per day. Uh-huh, the dry air is that bad. I even have to slather on body lotion twice in the evening, after my bath and before bed.


BB Cream and Tinted Moisturizer

If deep moisturizing is the goal of skincare, then makeup has to follow suit. I layer on Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude and Fairy Drops BB Cream in Light Ochre instead of the usual primer-foundation combo. I’ve also been skipping the powder, save for setting concealer on my lids and undereye area. My Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink is getting the most use out of all my blushes because of the creamy formula.


Is the unusually dry weather taking its toll on your skin? How do you manage?