Food Tastings: Deliciously Healthy

The Philippines has the distinction of being the country that celebrates the Yuletide season the longest. As early as September, the Christmas songs come on, and the fairy lights are not that far behind. Know what else the season brings? Feasts! It’s pretty much an excuse to indulge, but who says that only rich, calorific meals have to be available for devouring? Healthy and delicious can be in your holiday goals, and polishing up on those lean recipes is exactly the goal of Food Tastings: Deliciously Healthy.

Food Tastings Deliciously Healthy

The third leg of the series—the first covered Italian food, while the second was all about Filipino favorites—features good-for-you recipes that coincide with the release of FOOD Magazine’s August-October issue. Hosted by Cynthia Patos of Lifestyle Network, the cooking demo on September 13 at Eastwood Mall’s Atrium will feature Chefs Matthew Bates (Early Breakfast Club), Roby Goco (Green Pastures), DJ Santos (Tefal), Nancy Dizon-Edralin (ICE Culinary and Saporro), and Anthony Macaraeg (Fit Burger).


Limited slots available, so be sure to register HERE on the double.


*Food+World+Me is a media partner for the Food Tastings series.


Australian College of Hair Design + Beauty Manila

There’s this new college in town, and it’s right up the alley of beauty-lovers who want to officially go pro and go international. Last week, I had the privilege of visiting Asian College of Hair Design + Beauty  with other bloggers at their newly-opened campus in Connecticut St., Greenhills. I wasn’t quite prepared for what they had in store, so the concept admittedly took me by surprise.


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Project Vanity’s 7th Anniversary

I distinctly remember the time when I started to read beauty blogs regularly. In need of some information on products I was interested in buying, I found relevant reviews on two local sites that got me hooked on their pretty and witty content. The first is Liz Lanuzo’s Project Vanity, while the second is Martha Sta. Barbara’s The Beauty Junkee. Fast forward to a couple of years later, and I am still an avid fan of both blogs. You can imagine my glee when I was picked as one of the guests to attend Project Vanity’s 7th Anniversary at Beauty Bar, Central Square.

While I usually cover events through tips I’ve picked up, this one was different. I was going fan-girly at personally meeting all the Pinay beauty bloggers whose blogs I’ve been following for so long, so excuse me for turning this post into a photo album of sorts. :))

Tellie looks every bit the Koreanovela star

With Kaycee (who gave foundation recommendations) and Donnarence (we talked about her wedding planning)

With the lovely Martha

With Shari (who looks good in anything) and Mariana–just as I was getting bummed that I wasn’t able to snap a pic with Mariana, I find her here :))

With Rissa Mananquil-Trillo who hasn’t aged a bit since I last saw her at an event a decade ago

With the celebrant, Liz Lanuzo

We were treated to a cocktail party, a quick workshop on a summer look, inspiring talks from three successful businesswomen (just in time for International Women’s Day), and a lipsync showdown for the ages.

Rissa Mananquil-Trillo of Happy Skin talked about striving on making business a success, not just locally, but globally

Cheryl Tan-Chua of Beauty Box Corp. discussed time management

May Samson of Burt’s Bees shared tips on climbing the corporate ladder

Liz and Nikki doing their lipsync rendition of Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart

I had a blast chatting with the bloggers and other guests. Instead of sharing tips this time, I’ll just say that the beauty blogging community is supportive, warm, and welcoming. Thanks, Liz, for creating the opportunity to celebrate with you and have girl time in the process! 🙂

Workshop: Inglot x Mikki Galang part 2

Here’s part two of the Inglot x Mikki Galang workshop I attended. If you missed part one, just click HERE to catch yourself up. Now, let’s continue:

Inglot’s Pauline Lim makes further introductions

6. Glitters are the new window to the soul.

I zoomed all the way in, hoping to capture a bit of the sparkle

When Mikki brought out the glitter, I literally gasped. I love glitter/shimmer, as I’ve mentioned before, but I’ve always been afraid of looking like a showgirl or a disco ball. Luckily, Inglot AMC Pure Pigment Shadows are finely ground for a glitter but still chunky enough that it doesn’t become pearl shimmer. It’s pricey at PHP 800+, but it’s as far from bookstore glitter as it gets.

Inglot Color Pigment

I was sorely tempted to grab one, but I like to change up my shadows constantly. Didn’t want to get one and not be able to use it, if I couldn’t commit to the color long enough.

7. Coral or peach blush is the safest, most versatile choice.

Aaaaand that’s probably the reason behind Nars Orgasm’s enduring popularity: It’s peachy-pink! A peach or coral blush goes with most eye shadow and lipstick colors, as well as most skin tones. My own Nars Deep Throat, Orgasm’s shy but naughtily-named sister, has gotten endless use since I’ve received it. Now back to Inglot, who has a pleasant selection of peaches and corals to choose from. Mikki presented three lovely colors in light pink, light peach, and a medium coral, but I wasn’t able to take a photo. 😦

8. All bets are off when it comes to lining the waterline.

Mikki says that finding the perfect eyeliner that’ll stay on your waterline is a trial-and-error process. It doesn’t even work the same for everyone. Some find kohl liners effective, while most find that the softness of it tends to cause the pigment to “melt” or “bleed”. Recommendations are helpful, but nothing beats the actual experience.

9. Lift droopy-looking eyes with upward strokes.

Onwards and upwards

There are times when sleepy eyes are sexy, but they could just as easily make you look perpetually exhausted. Apply and blend eye shadow in an upward motion to give the lids an instant lift. Line the upper lid with an upward stroke towards the end to help that eye shadow trick along. Topping it off with mascara enhances the handiwork with the eyeliner.

10. Gray is a tricky color to pull-off.

If you have any reservations when it comes to using gray shadow, you’re not the only one uncomfortable with those fifty shades. According to Mikki, black is more versatile for contouring, while white should be left to highlight the inner corners of the eyes. Gray is the type of in-the-middle color that could easily seem like a black-eye.

Now for the Bonus Round, I’d like to present my little Inglot wishlist from their massive collection.

Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadow in 106 and 119 — Since 2015 is looking to be a bold lip kind of year, I need my shadows neutral. Upon swatching the mattes, I immediately liked the texture and pigmentation: Satisfyingly pigmented and buildable. That and their Freedom System Rainbow shadows in a shimmery finish did not pass my swatch test: Not as smooth and not as pigmented, sadly. Did I mention I could skip the case and just tote these super handy pans around in their simple plastic containers? (Yes, this is me admitting I’m stingy.)

Duraline — Intensifies pigmentation and is said to revive a dried-up gel liner, imagine Duraline creating that perfectly foiled metallic shadow. I want in on that!

Now for some more photos…

With Mikki

With Juvy of (I remember just staring at her eye shadow handiwork–metallic, so pretty)

Thanks to Mikki Galang for conducting the highly informative and occasionally humorous workshop and Inglot Philippines for creating the event. ❤

Workshop: Inglot x Mikki Galang part 1

First workshop I attended this year! This is also the fifth I’ve ever been to, if memory serves correctly. How many times could you possibly learn and re-learn makeup techniques? Basic makeup application skill is fairly easy to develop, but getting the dirt on trends and advanced techniques is what gets me to sign up for workshop after workshop. It’s also a plus to discover a new brand and see just what it can do. This latest one was conducted by the fab Mikki Galang at SM Megamall for Polish brand, Inglot.

Mikki introduced by one of Inglot’s resident makeup artists

As per usual, instead of talking about the looks per se, I’d rather share the tips I picked up at the event. This post will be divided into two parts, because I’m going to do a great deal of expounding. Bear with me, friends, and let’s get it started:

1. Play with monochromatic colors, because they’re anything but boring.

Monochromatic love

We’re not just talking about grays and blacks here. Work with pinks, purples, blues, and greens! The different intensities of the same color lead to tricks in contouring, so make that work in your favor.

By the way, I love that Inglot’s Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadow is a tiny, travel-friendly pan that packs the punch of three colors. I’m tempted to skip the palette case and just get that awesome pan. (Eeek… Don’t judge me!)

2. Start with the darkest color on your monochromatic palette and work your way to the lightest.

Three different pinks used from darkest to lightest (and a nude lip) made this look happen

I was surprised to hear this from Mikki, but it actually made a lot of sense once she explained it. As someone who has always used shadows from the order of light (base) — medium (contour/blend) — dark (definition), it was a totally new concept to see her start with the dark shade to contour, the medium to soften, and the light to blend. That way, the lines from the contouring look softer at the end, as opposed to looking like a harsh line.

3. Work that color wheel.

I’m not the artistic sort, so I’ve always wondered how people choose what colors to put together in their shadows. Obviously, I suck at color theory, so I’m thankful Mikki took the time to explain this. To find out what combination works, put together either supplementary colors (next to each other on the color wheel) or complimentary colors (opposites on the wheel).

4. Colored mascara adds oomph!

Inglot Color Play Mascara

Give your colored eye shadow a boost, by choosing a mascara in the same color. However, Mikki specifically instructed to choose a mascara color that’s not too close to the shadow and/or liner, so that it doesn’t look like cartoon eyes. Think navy mascara for blue shadow.

I’ve tried blue mascara before in my teens, and I liked how it looked. The smudge-magnet formula didn’t agree with me though, so I had to stop. Thinking of giving it a second try, but I have to find a worthy formula first!

5. Line one or the other, but never both at the same time.

Kate Middleton is a goddess, and I don’t even care what they say about her supposed scouse brow. If there’s just one thing that isn’t so perfect about her, it’s the all-over eyeliner I’m not 100% on-board with. Perhaps it’s the noticeably bare waterline that’s further emphasized by the liner on the lower lashline, so either get that part all the way or just leave it blank. IMHO, I vote to save time and leave it blank or opt for a cream-colored liner! As for Mikki, lining both upper and lower lashline starkly can make the eyes look too round, so best to avoid it.

To Be Continued…