Nichido Pro Makeup Powder Brush 191

On one of my many mindless wanderings last year through The SM Store’s beauty section, I spotted the Nichido Pro Makeup Powder Brush 191 (PHP288) and thought it looked interesting. Extra long handle? Yes, this was meant for makeup artists using the brush on other people! So I asked to see a sample and was instantly drawn to how fluffy and soft the hairs were against the back of my hand. SOLD!

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Forea Luna Play Plus

I have held out for a very long time on getting cleansing tools. (Yes, I’m one of the exceptions who didn’t dream of getting a Clarisonic while it was at its peak popularity.) My well-documented phobia of over-exfoliating has always prevented me from making the leap. But my sensitive-skinned cousin convinced me to try her favorite one, and it resulted in my purchase of a Foreo Luna Play Plus (USD 49 / PHP 3,170 on during a huge sale.

Quick Specs: IP68 water-resistance rating; made in China

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Zoeva 144 Soft Concealer Brush

It has been an honest-to-goodness minute since I have posted reviews for Sephora products. Mainly because I haven’t purchased much in the last year, instead rediscovering Kbeauty and drugstore finds. But my dry spell has been broken by the recent 20% off Beauty Pass sale. Hard to resist, so I didn’t. I have a haul here that I will gradually start reviewing in the coming weeks. The first part of my haul is the Zoeva 144 Soft Concealer Brush (PHP 486).

Zoeva Concealer Brush

Quick Specs: measures 15.5 cm ; made in China

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Shopee Buy: Acrylic Makeup Brush Organizer

This is a quick post, but I think it’s worth spreading the word: Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of shopping at Shopee (as opposed to anywhere else online). And it’s not necessarily beauty stuff as you’d expect, since I’m on a Low Buy for 2018! I’ve gotten almonds, supplements, stationery, and even a phone case, because they’ve got stackable promotions (purchase points + discount promo code + free shipping for minimum spend). It’s basically whetting the local couponer’s appetite.

In one of my nightly casual browsing sessions, the Acrylic Brush Organizer from Pretty Angel Shoppe went on a flash sale deal for P359 (SRP 500). With my ample brush stash distributed between two old zippered pouches, the move to a see-through, well-protected container felt pretty darn right at the moment. And so I treated myself to this:

Brush Organizer from Shopee

What arrived on my doorstep was a well-packaged product with box and foam stoppers, plus plastic wrap over the actual acrylic box to prevent scratches. The organizer arrived in pristine condition, though I still had to disinfect with a little soapy water and let the thing air dry for a couple of hours.


The shop also sells beads to help the brushes stand, but I was able to find some marbles and beads stashed somewhere that I was able to wash and dry before dumping into the bottom of the container. (Finished product is the top photo.)

It’s been several months, and I like that all my brushes are in one place AND covered. Next to getting a brush tree, this was the smartest purchase I’ve made for my tools. 🙂 I’ve seen similar products go on flash sale at Shopee, so you can patiently wait it out and earn coins to get a great deal on this!