Miss Bella Brush Tree

I think I held out on buying a real brush drying tool for long enough. Mind you, I made it work for a whole six months on a dirt-cheap improvised system. But after several accidents in the middle of the night that ended with my freshly washed brushes hitting the bathroom floor, I knew I had to make a change.

While canvassing for something affordable online, my friend, VWritesBeauty, suggested a brush dryer she saw The Beauty Junkee review. And at PHP 700, the 26-slot Miss Bella Brush Tree (Square) is a bargain buy I can get behind.

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Zoeva 101 Luxe Face Definer

This is about 6 months delayed, but I’m about to share my very first Sephora Philippines purchase. Oooh, where did the time go? Let me tell you what happened: I got the products, shot them ASAP, giddily started using them, then forgot to actually document. *facepalm* And, yes, this happens to me A LOT. I get too obsessed with savoring the stuff that I don’t remember to jot down my impressions.

To play catch-up, I intend to use the first half of 2017 just going through the backlog. And, if you’ve been following the recent entries, it’s all about the beauty tools at the moment! Here is Zoeva 101 Luxe Face Definer (PHP 1,240; USD 27.50)!


Sephora PH Haul: A Zoeva brush and a Becca highlighter value set

Quick Specs: 17.8 cm

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MAC 217 Blending Brush

It seems as though my mood as of late leans toward the review of beauty tools rather than makeup. Seems fitting, because I have been using several makeup applicators that I consider to be game-changers. As in, love at first swipe, and they haven’t left my rotation of daily tools ever since their discovery. One of the first rave-worthy tools that I ever invested in, even before the purchase of a limited edition brush set, is the MAC 217 Blending Brush (PHP 1,600 ; USD 25). And I’ll tell you why it has now become one of my absolute favorites.

MAC 217 Blending Brush

MAC 217 Blending Brush

Quick Specs:  17 cm ; made in Japan

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The Original Beautyblender

“What’s the difference among these sponges, anyway?” As you can tell, I played the skeptic for years before giving in to the Beautyblender (USD 20; PHP 995 at Glamourbox). I even tried purchasing two sponges that kinda looked like suitable dupes, but I was left dissatisfied by their perfomance. That’s why I shrugged off any more talk of makeup sponges until my beauty junkie friends emphatically raved about how one-of-a-kind BB is. I took advantage of a holiday sale, and here I am.

The Original Beauty Blender - Pink

The Original Beauty Blender – Pink

Quick Specs: made in USA

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Zenutrients Sweet Vanilla, Milk & Melon Body & Hand Wash

Wondering aloud: Why don’t I see enough reviews on beauty blogs about soap? They might not be as hyped up as makeup, but they certainly don’t lack in importance. This is something we use daily, or maybe more than once per day. And especially because I have dry skin and suffer from dry patches several times a year, I have become more discerning with the soap I use. Here’s what I think of Zenutrients Sweet Vanilla, Milk and Melon Body and Hand Wash (estimated PHP 234).

Zenutrients Body and Hand Wash

Quick Specs: 200 ml ; made in the Philippines


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