Instant Pot, Yay or Nay?

Despite the name of this blog, I’m painfully aware that I haven’t done much by way of food-related posts in quite some time. But to be fair, I’m active in that category elsewhere. I have taken to Tiktok-ing some of my kitchen adventures. (Please give a follow, if you can!) It’s easier to edit there, and the vids are in short, digestible bites. And a common thread is my use of the Instant Pot Duo in some of those cooking videos. So is it worth the counter space?

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Chili con Carne

My idea of personal torture is watching a cooking show right before bed. Second to that, it’s lying in bed getting ready to sleep, then suddenly thinking of food I’ve been craving. My thoughts immediately shift to how I’ll be getting to eat that food. Sometimes, I  am even emboldened with the idea that I could cook it myself. This is what happens next:

Chili con Carne

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The Banana Walnut Muffin Experiment

American breakfast food has rubbed off on me. It isn’t about the huge serving size, though that brings out the takaw-tingin (gluttonous tendencies) in anyone. Quite frankly, it’s the carbs with the fruits and the wholesome presentation that gets me every time. I get this image of having breakfast at a diner or chatting with friendly bakers at bake sales. *Sigh* I’ve got my head in the clouds again…

Soo… We’ve established that I like pancakes, waffles, and muffins. I’ve been on something of a health kick recently, after chatting with family about fiber and whatnot. Obviously, it’s not enough of a kick to turn me into a vegetarian or completely eliminate the joy of carbs in my life, but it has got me thinking of healthier substitutions. I wanted to work with more fruits, nuts, and the ever popular coconut oil, so I decided to make a modified version of Banana Honey-Walnut Muffins from a recipe I found on Once Upon a Chef.

Have some muffins

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Food Magazine Offers Free Cooking Classes For Its 20th Anniversary

Aside from the makeup workshops I attend, I try not to pass up opportunities to go to food events. Having a background in culinary arts, the idea of upcoming bazaars, expos, and demos still excite my foodie sensibilities. Even at the home-front, finding new recipes to try out is just as exciting as finding the next HG (Holy Grail) beauty product. I live for moments when what started as a kitchen experiment turns out to be a dinner table success. That’s why I’m psyched to join Food Tastings.

Food Tastings

ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc.’s Food magazine takes the food trip up a notch in its 20th anniversary as it serves fun-filled free cooking classes throughout the year for foodies and kitchen-savvy people. Loyal readers are in for a treat as four cooking classes titled “Food Tastings” will be presented by Food magazine and Lifestyle Network. For the Food Tastings series, Food magazine partners with the crème de la crème of the industry as it taps professional chefs as mentors for the cooking classes.

The first leg of the series on March 21 (Saturday) titled “A Pizza and Pasta Class” will be all about the legendary tandem of Pizza and Pasta. This event will feature easy-to-make home pizza and pasta recipes taught by renowned chefs Nancy Dizon Edralin, Portia Baluyut, and a chef behind great pizza selections of Project Pie. It will also let participants have the chance to get their creative juices flowing with the Pizza Creations activity to be held at Project Pie Tomas Morato, the official venue partner.

The rest of the classes in  “Food Tastings” will run throughout the year, having participants explore recipes on health and wellness, hearty breakfast meals, and delectable sugar rush gift ideas.

Interested participants can register, reserve a slot, and sign-up for updates HERE.


*Food+World+Me is a media partner for this event.

Homemade Soy Milk

Last week’s snack project involved making soy milk using a soy milk maker, so I’d like to share the process.

Soya Beans

First, it starts with soy beans, ideally the non-GMO kind. Not sure about the GMO-factor of these, because I asked a relative to get them for me on a trip.

Soaked overnight

The beans are soaked in water overnight to soften them up for the grinding. Once fully hydrated, I also removed the plastic-like skin on the beans. I was told that removing the skin makes the uric acid level of the soy beans lower, though I haven’t done enough reading to confirm that. I don’t mind, since the skin is being tossed out on to the garden to use as a fertilizer.

Soy Milk Maker

There’s this nifty little gadget that looks like a more complicated version of the electric kettle, and it can make nut/bean milk and tofu. It has a pitcher that has to be filled with a liter of water. Then the beans are poured through a chute in the back and into a grinding chamber. Once the machine is started, the water boils and the beans are ground. Through a series of boils and stops, the ground beans get to infuse in water. Voila, soy milk in 30 minutes!

On that note, does anyone know where I can get organic soy beans locally?