March 2021 Empties

This month’s empties post is on the modest side. It is the result of my trying to do some damage to the hoarder’s stockpile I have going on. The process started during the beginning of lockdown last year, when I realized that it might be harder to go out and get new things. It was the perfect opportunity for “out with the old”, so here goes:

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August 2018 Empties

I’m always talking about my personal anti-hoarding campaign, but I feel like I’ve actually made a lot of progress this year. I want to free up the linen closet I’ve been using to hold skincare and bath products to hold… well, towels and linen. Out of the three shelves in that closet, I’ve already been able to reclaim one! Now I’ve got a fresh batch of empties and the wish that another shelf will be good to go by the end of the year.

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April 2018 Empties

Since I rang in 2018, I’ve been spending more time shopping the beauty stash than shopping for new things. It has a lot to do with a hall closet that turned into a beauty vault during the time of the Great Hoard of 2015-2016. With that said, I’ve been quietly using up what I’ve amassed (for both the full-sized and sample-sized product categories), so expect there to be more empties posts this year.

For the first quarter, here’s the meager spread I’ve started with:

Biore, Bobbi Brown, and Estee Lauder

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October 2017 Empties

Is it me, or is the holiday season slow approaching? I’m surprised that I’m not seeing more festive mall decor, especially in the Philippines where the Christmas enthusiasm is on another level. Then again, there is no shortage of Christmas songs in circulation. I’m only glad that I have yet to hear the medleys.

Anyway, all this talk of yuletide cheer makes me think of, you guessed it, holiday sets! And because I want to make room in my hoarder’s pile closet for new stuff, I set my mind to proactively finishing up the older items in my stash. These are my current empties:

Clockwise From Top: Nars Deep Throat Blush, L’Occitane Cerisier Princesse Hand Cream, and The Body Shop Olive Body Butter

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Hask Chia Seed Oil Collection

New year, new resolutions? Just trying to eat better by being partial to higher quality ingredients. I was chatting with my cousin who has lived in Europe for half a decade now, and she’s been emphatic about investing in more wholesome ingredients. (She’s a big Jamie Oliver fan, so basically it’s something along that train of thinking.)

One of the recipes she has recently shared is her chia seed bowl (yogurt, milk, muesli, honey, and chia seeds) and I have been converted by how this super ingredient has positively affected my system. And if you’re wondering where else chia seeds can go, let me introduce you to the Hask Chia Seed Oil Collection for hair care!


Hask Chia Seed Oil

Quick Specs: shampoo and conditioner at 12 fl oz. / 355 ml each ; made in USA


Ingredients — Top: Shampoo; Bottom: Conditioner

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