The FoodWorldMe Mini-Makeover

If you’ve been here before, you’d know that my blog was a lot plainer than it is today. I have my friend, Ebi/Uvla, to thank for the sudden boost of confidence. This art work was a month in the making because we were frequently distracted by our gardening trips, but it turned out oh-so-perfect.

Header Glory

It’s so pretty, it deserves a post of its own. No, this isn’t me being Gloaty McGloat. It’s really 100% credit to Ebi who rendered me speechless when she presented it to me. THANK YOU, EBI!!!

Visit her shop’s FB Page here to see more of her astounding creations.

The Succers

Before you say anything, I’m going to go ahead and explain the title. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve done the occasional entries about plants. What began as a small display of one or two succulents among a group of friends has turned into a full-blown vice, thanks to our many trips to the garden market. We began sharing tips and botanic wishlists with each other online, and it blossomed into a small community of urban gardeners on Facebook called—you guessed it—The Succers.

Artwork by Ebi of UVLA Store

We mostly use the page to document our plant adventures, but there’s also the sharing of urban gardening tips and tricks. If you’re a gardening enthusiast or you just like looking at urban garden ideas, please drop by and join our small community. Happy Weekend!

Click here to visit The Succers on Facebook. 🙂

Apologies are in Order

The goal of this blog was for me to write foodie stuff on a weekly basis as a personal writing exercise. Though the glory of being a professional blogger is tempting for a beginner such as myself, it is a must to remember that, more than anything, this has to remain my own little personal exercise. I do this for myself (my satisfaction, my joy), first and foremost.

However, when the motivation is quite self-centered, there is a tendency for things to get lax when one is not “in the mood”. I’ve neglected it for one month because of my silly sem break. The last few weeks were a flurry of activity that had me whisked off from one place to the next. And now I am back to home base, the dust settling and I find myself overwhelmed with all the things I want to write, but don’t even know how to begin.

For those who have been reading this blog: I am truly sorry for being inconsistent. I chide myself, knowing that my readers (I, myself, being the original audience in mind) deserve a certain level of discipline, come rain or shine.

My next entry is being written right now. It’s an adventure. Join me.



A Simple Word of Thanks

The Credits 🙂

Special thanks goes to my cousin, Marianne, for providing me with the ultra-useful camera phone that’s been a constant companion to this blog.

I am thankful to my perpetual foodie companion, M, who is always helping me discover good places with affordable grub: the majority of the content of this blog.

A thank you also to mom and dad, who are not afraid to travel far for a nice meal.