Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara

Quick shameless plug before I get on with the review: If you are from the Philippines and you want an awesome office-appropriate makeup kit like the one below, get your Project Vanity Girl Boss Glam Kit HERE. The goodies inside are worth PHP 3,600+, but it retails for PHP 1,250 + shipping! ❤

Project Vanity Girl Boss Glam Kit

So now I segue into my review, because I’ll be talking about one of the contents of the PV Girl Boss Glam Kit, Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara in 503 Blackened Brown (PHP 650; USD 8.99).

REVLON Ultimate All in One Mascara

Quick Specs:  0.28 fl. Oz. / 8.5 ml ; made in USA

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FOTD: Starting With Smokies

I’ve consciously decided that fall 2015 would be about smokey eyes and wine-colored lips. Not together, of course, as I’m not that gutsy. But I didn’t have to search far and wide (and spend a lot) to complete my makeup “uniform” for the chillier months. The makeup “body count” so far has only been one eye shadow, two drugstore lipsticks, and a couple of things I picked up from a blog sale. But then the holiday collections are starting to come out, and that will take a gargantuan amount of restraint. Guh.

Before I attempt to turn a blind eye to all the fall goodness, let me share an FOTD with me starting to step out with more semi-smokey eye looks before finally going all the way with the smolder. Here’s the look:

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Does Anyone Remember Charlie?

Those born in the 1980’s and before are probably the most familiar with Revlon’s Charlie line of scents. If you’ve taken a whiff of a perfume or eau de toilette born the 80’s, it’s likely that the smell is that of floral-aldehydes as it was all about the floral-aldehydes back then. To my younger self, it was simply called “that adult smell”.

Even now, I associate that type of scent with the 80’s, and I can’t help but shudder at the thought. But since I’m not a scent-snob, I decided to get myself a bottle of Charlie White for the experience. Maybe I want to smell more grown-up, or this is just part of my regression phase.

Charlie White by Revlon


According to Fragrantica, the three main accords are ozonic, aquatic, and fruity. Fragrance notes include watermelon, violet, lily of the valley, and peach. Personally, I got a strong blast of fruity-floral upon first spritz that transitioned into the refreshing aquatic notes. The dry down brings with it sweet watermelon and something powdery. I distinctly chose White because it smelled the least like the 80’s. (It was launched in the 90’s, actually.) Not impressed by the lasting power on this one, but 100ml for the price I paid is not a bad deal at all. I just don’t remember exactly how much this cost though.

Have you tried Charlie?

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Sugar Plum

I’m obsessed with this line of lipsticks at the moment! Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters (PHP 525) are so impressive because they feel nourishing on the pout unlike any other lipstick I’ve tried so far, and the variety of available colors are gorgeous. It’s exactly the type of lipstick line I can picture collecting. I’ve already got four tubes and counting.

The growing collection

Today, I’m reviewing Colorburst Lip Butter in Sugar Plum.

Quick Specs: 2.55 g; made in USA with US and non-US components

Sugar Plum


  • The Colorburst Lip Butters in general are like tinted lip balms but with more color and gloss. Some of the colors are surprisingly pigmented, while others look natural enough to be MLBB (My Lips, But Better) picks.
  • I find the packaging cute. The lids’ colors are based on the actual lip butter colors, and the “quilted” pattern is pretty.
  • The formula is so moisturizing, you can wear it in super cold weather. I did, and I didn’t get chapped lips at all. That’s when I knew that this line’s a keeper.
  • Sugar Plum is a lovely light plum that’s wearable enough for day-to-night use. I love it because I’m not one to switch lipsticks often, and I personally find this color goes with a lot of my eyeshadows.
  • Lasting power is good, considering the light formula. After over three hours, lips are still supple and moist, while a bit of the color is still there despite drinking water.


  • For a drugstore brand, you’re paying a lot for a little. Just think of it as balm, color, and gloss rolled into one, so you don’t feel too bad for spending that PHP 525.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Sugar Plum

Recommendation: A lazy girl who doesn’t like the idea of layering lip balm, lipstick, and gloss but who enjoys seeing color and sheen would love this. I’d also recommend this to anyone who’s just getting into lipsticks, since the formula and color payoff won’t traumatize those who want to practice their application skills.

After 6 Hours…

Inspired by Liz Lanuzo’s pretty darn flawless look after six hours, I decided to try and take on the 6-hour challenge myself to see if my makeup could withstand the elements. Here’s what I look like after running errands outdoors in the afternoon and commuting:

I’m as shiny as foil, so it’s obvious I didn’t retouch. Judging from the photo, the makeup that get’s the award for its distinctive lasting power is Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eye ShadowMy particular shade is called Attitude, and the color combination reminds me of Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes, a contour kit for the peepers. Unfortunately, I just found out that Attitude has been discontinued in the States. Not sure if they’re still selling this quad color in Manila, but try looking for it if you want a Benefit dupe for your eye contouring needs.

Oh, and here’s a tip from me to you: For this photo, I also used Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser for my lids and undereye. It’s only PHP 299, and it also works as an excellent eyelid primer. I find that my K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer spreads more evenly after I’ve dabbed on some Baby Skin. That, of course, paves the way for better adhesion of eye makeup.