Shopee Buy: Acrylic Makeup Brush Organizer

This is a quick post, but I think it’s worth spreading the word: Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of shopping at Shopee (as opposed to anywhere else online). And it’s not necessarily beauty stuff as you’d expect, since I’m on a Low Buy for 2018! I’ve gotten almonds, supplements, stationery, and even a phone case, because they’ve got stackable promotions (purchase points + discount promo code + free shipping for minimum spend). It’s basically whetting the local couponer’s appetite.

In one of my nightly casual browsing sessions, the Acrylic Brush Organizer from Pretty Angel Shoppe went on a flash sale deal for P359 (SRP 500). With my ample brush stash distributed between two old zippered pouches, the move to a see-through, well-protected container felt pretty darn right at the moment. And so I treated myself to this:

Brush Organizer from Shopee

What arrived on my doorstep was a well-packaged product with box and foam stoppers, plus plastic wrap over the actual acrylic box to prevent scratches. The organizer arrived in pristine condition, though I still had to disinfect with a little soapy water and let the thing air dry for a couple of hours.


The shop also sells beads to help the brushes stand, but I was able to find some marbles and beads stashed somewhere that I was able to wash and dry before dumping into the bottom of the container. (Finished product is the top photo.)

It’s been several months, and I like that all my brushes are in one place AND covered. Next to getting a brush tree, this was the smartest purchase I’ve made for my tools. 🙂 I’ve seen similar products go on flash sale at Shopee, so you can patiently wait it out and earn coins to get a great deal on this!


Ulta, The Nightmare Before Christmas Part 2

If you haven’t read Ulta, The Nightmare Before Christmas Part 1, you can catch yourself up HERE to find out how I got into this sticky predicament. Okay, onto the continuation of my story:

ULTA Gift Card Central

I am counting my lucky stars that my US-based friend is a regular Ulta shopper, and she graciously agreed to try and make the purchase for me. She sat down to fill up the virtual shopping cart as I sat there waiting on bated breath.

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Charm & Charm Philippines

Last week, M asked me to watch him play basketball in the Greenhills area. By that, he means that I should pretty please sit and wait for him to play, so that we could have a late dinner afterwards. People who know me know that these things aren’t the least bit interesting to me, mostly because I’m not a basketball person. I’ll watch championships, but league practices are kind of fneh, especially if you’re the only girl there. The saving grace of the whole thing was my discovery of a Korean beauty shop, Charm & Charm Korean Premium Cosmetics Store, in nearby Ash Creek Center.

Ash Creek isn’t necessarily the place where you’d expect to go hardcore shopping. It’s a low-rise commercial area that has several tutorial centers, a pharmacy, a few food stores, and a dermatologist. You’d have to make the effort of going there and parking in order to visit this beauty store. So is it worth the trip?

I didn’t have the easiest time finding the entrance to the Charm & Charm due to the separate staircases leading to different parts of the building. (Chalk it up to unusual design.) At first, I ended up on the staircase leading to the tutorial center area, but I headed back down and took the second staircase closer to the main road. Bingo.


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The Showroom Co

I remember reading somewhere that the boutique store is on the rise once more. Shoppers miss the personal feel of a specialty store and being able to seek out rare pieces that aren’t commonplace at the big malls. So when my cousin told me about a lipstick with a cult following found in The Showroom Co., Timog Ave, we decided to make the trip.

The Showroom Co.

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