Ulta, The Nightmare Before Christmas Part 2

If you haven’t read Ulta, The Nightmare Before Christmas Part 1, you can catch yourself up HERE to find out how I got into this sticky predicament. Okay, onto the continuation of my story:

ULTA Gift Card Central

I am counting my lucky stars that my US-based friend is a regular Ulta shopper, and she graciously agreed to try and make the purchase for me. She sat down to fill up the virtual shopping cart as I sat there waiting on bated breath.

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Charm & Charm Philippines

Last week, M asked me to watch him play basketball in the Greenhills area. By that, he means that I should pretty please sit and wait for him to play, so that we could have a late dinner afterwards. People who know me know that these things aren’t the least bit interesting to me, mostly because I’m not a basketball person. I’ll watch championships, but league practices are kind of fneh, especially if you’re the only girl there. The saving grace of the whole thing was my discovery of a Korean beauty shop, Charm & Charm Korean Premium Cosmetics Store, in nearby Ash Creek Center.

Ash Creek isn’t necessarily the place where you’d expect to go hardcore shopping. It’s a low-rise commercial area that has several tutorial centers, a pharmacy, a few food stores, and a dermatologist. You’d have to make the effort of going there and parking in order to visit this beauty store. So is it worth the trip?

I didn’t have the easiest time finding the entrance to the Charm & Charm due to the separate staircases leading to different parts of the building. (Chalk it up to unusual design.) At first, I ended up on the staircase leading to the tutorial center area, but I headed back down and took the second staircase closer to the main road. Bingo.


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The Showroom Co

I remember reading somewhere that the boutique store is on the rise once more. Shoppers miss the personal feel of a specialty store and being able to seek out rare pieces that aren’t commonplace at the big malls. So when my cousin told me about a lipstick with a cult following found in The Showroom Co., Timog Ave, we decided to make the trip.

The Showroom Co.

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The Althea Philippines Experience

Next to physically walking up and down Myeong-dong to spend all your pocket money in beauty hauling, e-shopping is the best way to experience a wealth of Korean cosmetics in one place. That’s why I was thrilled when I found out that online beauty retailer, Althea Korea, is opening their site for the Philippine market. What’s more, I was able to experience building my own haul there first-hand when I was tapped to be one of their beta testers before the official launch date this coming February 15. Want to know how it went? Read more to get the details on my shopping experience.


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