March 2017 Empties

I need to look at my stash once a month to see how many hoarded body and skin care products are still up for use. When I do, it reminds me to go on a temporary ban to finish up what’s left. Yup, it’s because I’m a sucker for sales. *shrugs* But before we get lost in hoarder issues, let’s have a look at what I actually did manage to finish:

Clockwise From Top: Bath and Body Works, Welcos, and l’Occitane

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Maybelline Clearsmooth All in One Powder Foundation

Do you have top buys from each beauty brand? It’s when you have re-purchased the same category from a single brand over and over that you already have that instant association in your head. For example, my top buys are: brow products = K-palette; eyeshadow = Tarte/Bobbi Brown; and pressed face powder = Maybelline. I have consistently been buying powder foundations from them as the quality and value for money are spot-on to me. I recently started using Maybelline Clearsmooth All in One Powder Foundation in 02 Nude Beige (refill compact at PHP 169 SRP), and I’ve already purchased my backup during a sale.


Maybelline Clearsmooth All in One Powder Foundation

Quick Specs: 9 g / 0.32 oz ; made in China



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Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

If there’s one thing I dread when it comes to makeup shopping, it’s the tedious task of finding a foundation that works for me. I have combination-dry skin to begin with, so you can imagine the dry patches and the oily areas. Then the whole undertone thing is some serious business. I was only too relieved to find an excellent one in Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 in Sand (USD 50 / PHP 2,900).

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

Quick Specs: 1 fl. oz. / 30 ml ; made in Japan

Skin Foundation Ingredients

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Shopping for Tarte from the Philippines

Aside from trusty Amazon, I have only ever tried online shopping from the US once before. It was a godawful event that was enough to put me off ordering from the US for a looong time. Even ordering goods through Sephora is tricky as the stores have cracked down on shipping to freight forwarders. When a brand I’ve always wanted to try, Tarte, announced on their website that they would finally start shipping internationally, I couldn’t wait to start hauling. And then I saw the magic massage:

Tarte Sale

YAAAAAAS! The thing is, I’ve wanted to get Tarte for two years already, so I’ve been doing my research. The closest country to the Philippines that sells Tarte legally is Sephora Singapore. It’s been a huge bummer that Luxola didn’t carry Tarte, and now Sephora Philippines still doesn’t carry the brand (yet). Unless I ask Singapore vacationing friends to do me a solid, the easiest way to get my hands on Tarte products is by purchasing them myself from the site. So I contacted a couple of friends who also wanted to try the brand, and we pooled our orders together.

Here’s what you should know:

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