Pore Cloggage

I’ve been trying out a slew of new products this week, as well as alternating old products so they get equal mileage. Well, I guess it was inevitable that I experienced a breakout. Perhaps that also had to do with the late nights, but I digress. The culprits are:

  • A) This freshly purchased bottle of serum I’ve started using
  • B) A ‘natural source’ toner I’ve started using regularly (whereas I’d only dab it on occasionally before)
  • C) My old ‘new’ foundation powder that’s only been used a handful of times

I decided to stop using the 3 altogether and went back to my surefire clear skin toner, my overnight miracle that’s cheaper and much more effective than Mario Badescu drying lotion (pffft). Like I said, it worked like a charm and the breakout subsided by 40% overnight, then my skin gradually healed itself the rest of the way. Meanwhile, I started reintroducing the products again to my regimen, albeit one at a time, to see which one caused the breakout.

Was it the serum? No, I don’t think so. I’m aware that serums are more concentrated, so their ‘stripping’ properties may be more potent and thus possibly causing irritation. I was even warned by the sales woman that breakouts the first week of usage are commonplace, since the skin needs to get used to the new treatment. However, resuming its use didn’t cause any problems. Ditto on the toner. Aaah, so it was the powder foundation all along. J’accuse:

Eeeek! Sephora Compact Foundation is bad for me

How ghastly! It was clogging my pores all along. To think this cost me an arm and a leg back when I only had my allowance to spend. It only goes to show that a ridiculous price tag is not always synonymous to quality. Same goes for imported products: Just because it was manufactured in some far-off location—in this case, Italy—doesn’t mean it won’t give you a mother of a breakout.

I am now searching for a decent powder compact.


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