Real Techniques On Location Mini Brush Trio

When I first started using makeup, the only brushes I could afford, given my meager allowance, were the synthetic, rough-haired ones that taught me to resort to finger application instead. It was obviously an awful buy, I know, but at least I developed more skill with my bare hands and a love for multi-purpose cosmetics. These days, I still spring for cheaper brushes, but the quality for the price is probably a hundred times better. I have a new-found respect for synthetic brushes, so I was giddy to receive Real Techniques On Location Mini Brush Trio from Juvy of Plump Cheeks as part of a commenter-of-the-month prize.

Real Techniques Brush Set

Quick Specs: USD 10 / PHP 580 ; made in China

Mini Brush Trio

Prior to receiving this, I had never tried Real Techniques. Sure, I’ve heard a lot about it from bloggers, but the trend came at a time when I already completed most of my basic brush set requirements. Still, I am thankful to get my hands on these as I’m not the most diligent at cleaning my brushes. I could always do with extras to hold off the tedious process. (I admit to being lazy at that!)


Before I start nodding off at the prospect of washing brushes, let’s get on with the review… Easily, my favorite brush of the three is the Mini Face Brush. I did not expect it to cover as much ground as it did, nor did I expect it to feel like it did. Despite its small size, the Mini Face Brush managed to retain its fluffiness through densely packed hairs, allowing for a more even application of powder cosmetics. I’ve been using this for powder, blush, and highlighter, since the size makes it a breeze to angle.

Don’t let the Mini Shading Brush fool you. It may not be so wide, but it has managed to retain fluffiness as well. I’ve used this for shading all over the lid, and it can feel like such a slow process when you’re in a hurry. (I like to tap the eye shadow all over, instead of rubbing it on.) Methinks I would still need to bring along a bigger shader brush for travel, but this is suitable for precision application on the creases and corners of the lids.

As for the Mini Foundation Brush, I found it too narrow to get the job done quickly. It’s a third of the width of the Mini Powder Brush, and I wish it could at least be half the width, instead. On the other hand, I appreciate that this brush isn’t so thick, so it didn’t end up absorbing all the liquid foundation. (What a waste that would’ve been!) I’ve also tried this for applying cream blush, and it still didn’t feel wide enough to cover enough ground. In general, I still prefer using my fingers to apply foundation, but this comes in handy for when that isn’t possible.


Verdict: Overall, the entire set, with all three brushes being pleasantly soft, is useful to have in the purse for quick touch-ups throughout the day. My big, clumsy hands didn’t have any trouble wielding any of the brushes. The plastic packaging, minus the label card, is practical and easy-to-wash/clean. I found the design, from the color-coding of each brush’s body to the washable packaging with flap, to be well-though-out. Not a bad first-time experience with Real Techniques.


*You can get Real Techniques Mini Brush Trio in the Philippines from Kalm Cosmetics.

**I received this item free-of-charge, but opinions expressed here are entirely my own.


11 thoughts on “Real Techniques On Location Mini Brush Trio

  1. I’ve seen these mini brushes before and they’re so cute!! I really want to try Real Techniques brushes. Maybe I should pick some of the mini’s up. 🙂 xo

    • I would recommend you do. I used to lug around a full-sized powder brush in my beauty kit for touch-ups (and my peace of mind!) :)) These certainly come in handy.

      • Yeah I think I will pick some up when I can. I’ve seen them at Ulta and they’re so cute cause they’re small! lol. 🙂

  2. i share the same opinion with the mini foundation brush, i think its the same foundation brush i got it from the core collection 🙂 i dont use it for foundation anymore but try mo using it for contouring the bridge of your nose with matte bronzer works perfect that way for me 🙂 congrats on winning this!

    ps to juvy – youre so generous with your giveaways! 🙂

    • I am really bad at hoarding stuff eh, so I need to give them away! Hehehe.

      I also feel that the foundation brush is not good for its purpose. I use it only for concealer.

      Glad you liked the brush set, Marielle! 🙂

  3. I hope they sell this in North America! I like short handled brushes for when I’m travelling. You could probably use the mini foundation brush for concealer / highlighter – I have the full sized version of their foundation brush and it’s the same shape and I use it for concealer.

    • Yup, it’ll probably be perfect for concealer. That’s also what I’ve been using my full-sized foundation brush for. That and cream blush, after seeing how a MUFE artist gave me a makeover. 🙂

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