Avon Far Away Bella Purse Concentre

I’ve been transferring my fragrances to small spray bottles, so that I can have a smaller version in my purse for quick re-applications. As you know, the next best thing to a spritz bottle is a roller ball fragrance, so I got Avon Far Away Bella Purse Concentre as a handy bag staple.

Avon Far Away Bella Purse Concentrate


Quick Specs: 9 ml roller ball bottle; available in 50 ml eau de parfum spray for PHP 1,250 regular price; made in the Philippines

Roller Ball Applicator

Five Things About Far Away Bella:

  1. I may have said above that the alternative to spray bottles are roller balls, but I’d still take the spray bottle over the roller ball any day of the week. It’s just easier for me to get the amount I need to the place where it needs to go with the use of a spray.
  2. For the bigger perfume bottle, I’m not a fan of the packaging. Avon’s later fragrance releases are certainly sleeker. I find the piece of tulle fabric a little awkward and tacky, to be honest. Very 90’s.
  3. According to Fragrantica, Far Away Bella is composed of Italian clementine, Chinese magnolia, and tonka beans. I initially get the zesty, sweet of the clementine followed by the warm, powdery tonka beans. In choosing fragrances, there’s a part of me that likes fresh, citrus scents that I equate to ‘clean’, while there’s another part of me that appreciates the warm, comforting powdery or vanilla scents. This Avon release has a bit of both, so it instantly attracted me from the rub-and-sniff brochure page.
  4. I’ve used enough scents from different brands to know that there are some that just don’t last long when applied directly on my skin. Philosophy Amazing Grace is one such example, and Avon is no different.The longevity of this purse concentre is about an hour on the skin, but much longer on my clothes. Let’s give it about five hours.
  5. While it was on pre-holiday sale, I was quick to snatch up this PHP 99 roller ball. Wait for a sale to get the most competitive price.

Verdict: I’d stick to the roller ball version of Far Away Bella, knowing the longevity isn’t that impressive on me. The scent is not one that is usually associated with Avon fragrances, but that’s the beauty of it . (Read: Not like Sweet Honesty.)

5 thoughts on “Avon Far Away Bella Purse Concentre

  1. Perfume does last longer on clothes! I used to spray it on before dressing up and didn’t get half as much wear time than when I started to wave my tops through the “perfume cloud”. I use rollerballs for a little in-chair de-stress aromatherapy instead.

  2. I used to like rollerball versions for fragrances but my skin became very sensitive to so many things that a high concentrate of fragrance applied directly to skin made my skin itch and get rashes, sometimes it even stings! Oh well. I use spray bottles now and apply mostly on my clothing… and maybe a few on my wrist and elbows. 😛

    • I used to get such a bad reaction to Angel’s Breath cologne, but that was when I was younger. My skin would turn a ghastly shade of red and sting like crazy. 😦 I don’t think it still happens anymore, though.

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